The Company

Borough Furnace is a metal casting workshop in Syracuse, NY. We make our products by hand in small batches, using a traditional casting process that has been updated for environmental responsibility.

Founded in 2011 by cousins John Truex and Jason Connelly, the company began with the generous crowd-sourced funding of 193 Kickstarter backers. With the Kickstarter proceeds, John and Jason built the custom machinery that would be the foundation of the Borough Furnace micro-foundry. Today Borough Furnace is owned and operated by John Truex and Liz Seru, with the assistance of Adam Lindaman.

Production Process

The core of our business is the Skilletron, a barrel-sized metal melting furnace that burns Waste Vegetable Oil at 3000°F to melt scrap iron. By using old fryer grease to fuel our furnace, we eliminate the massive energy consumption of a typical metal casting operation. We only use recycled iron as source material, keeping with our mission to consume as little as possible.


Our Products

All of our products are made in small batches and will be posted to our Shop page as they become available. At this time we are not taking pre-orders, so please continue to check in with us if our stock is sold out! 

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us at


Cast Iron Care

There are a lot of online resources with instructions on how to clean and care for your cast iron skillet. We like this one for a simple guide to day-to-day care. The seasoning on your skillet will improve the more you use it, making it more nonstick. Avoid cooking acidic foods like tomato sauce, as they tend to degrade the seasoning (and can pick up a metallic taste.) If your skillet has taken some abuse, you'll want to reseason the whole pan. We use organic flax oil to pre-season ours  - you can read up on flax seasoning here.  Enjoy!