Why the Wait?

We try to make sure that some items are in stock at all times for immediate shipment, but are often running a several week lead time on many products. We are fortunate to have a high demand for our cookware, all of which is hand done from start to finish in our New York workshop by the three of us: partners, John and Liz, and our wonderful mold-maker, Cassie. 

By keeping things small, we have chosen to prioritize craftsmanship and we spend the time to make sure everything we are sending out is of the highest quality. We hand sand all of the surfaces of our cast iron cookware so that it feels good in your hands at home, and provides the best cooking experience possible. The weight and surface texture of our skillets and Dutch ovens are the result of years of research and refinement.

If you'd like to see us at work, we have many process videos up here.

Thank you for your interest in our work! 

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