Pizza Griddle FAQ

Thank you for your enthusiasm for our new Pizza Griddle! We are eager to see what you can do with them. 

We got a lot of questions in response to the product launch and we'd like to fill in some of those blanks here:

Why did you make it so heavy? 

Our Pizza Griddle is the thickest on the market and we did that with intention. The substantial thermal mass of the thick iron prevents the temperature from dropping when most of its surface is covered in pizza dough, leading to the formation of a crispy crust.

Moreover, we are firmly of the opinion that heavier cast iron is better. It works better to hold heat and resist hotspots, but it will also last longer.

Antique skillets were lightweight. They were designed to fit into the stove openings of the wood-burning ovens prevalent during that era. If you shop for these pieces now, you'll see that it is always specified whether the item can still sit flat. Thin cast iron will warp if heated unevenly. The transition to electric stoves often saw large pans set on smaller burners, making the lightweight iron prone to warping. Now, as cooking methods shift towards induction, there's a risk that many will misshape their lightweight cast iron, especially since the size of the induction coils can be hard to determine and the coils are capable of heating up very quickly. To address this, we've designed all of our cookware with heavy bottoms, ensuring they will last generations amidst our ever-evolving culinary landscape.

I promise to expound on this in the future, as it is something we get tons of questions about!


You mentioned the Pizza Griddle can be used on a grill, but can it be used on a cooktop?

Absolutely. The key to using the griddle on a cooktop is giving it a good pre-heat on the burner first to allow the heat to radiate through the mass of the iron. Because the Pizza Griddle is so hefty, there is no concern about matching the size of the pan to the size of the burner - it will not warp -  however, a thorough pre-heat will discourage hot and cool areas across the cook surface.


What is the maximum temp I can heat this at?

We guarantee the Pizza Griddle against warping and cracking. This thing is not going to get damaged during the course of cooking. You may start to burn the seasoning off if heating it over 600 for long periods of time (which would be the case with any seasoned cast iron). Which leads us to... 


How do you maintain the seasoning on this?

Normal cast iron maintenance will apply here. If you are primarily using the griddle to make pizza, fats and oils from your food will not be conditioning the seasoning with every cook. That being the case, you may want to give the seasoning a boost every now and then. After cooking, but while the griddle is still hot, use a stiff spatula or bench scraper to lift any residual char from the surface of the iron. Wipe some neutral cooking oil onto the cook surface with a paper towel or rag (mind your fingers!), and then try to wipe it all the way back off. Close the oven and you're done! The griddle will be hot enough to accept the oil without having to undergo a whole rigamarole.


 If there's anything you are still curious about, please let us know! 


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