The Pizza Griddle!

We're so excited to introduce you to our newest product: The Pizza Griddle!

Like most families, we need nights when dinner is just easy. With the right equipment, pizza at home feels special, but couldn’t be simpler (or cheaper).

The key to a pro-level home pizza is cooking it fast. You need the toppings to heat through before the crust dries out - but you still want a crispy exterior crust! The high thermal mass of our 17.5 lb Pizza Griddle mimics the conditions inside of a wood-fired pizza oven.  

We were getting a decent pizza in 11 minutes with our old ceramic pizza stone. Now our pizza is fully cooked in 5, perfectly crispy on the outside and perfectly chewy on the inside. It’s a dream. 

As the name implies, our pizza stone is also a griddle. Its gently rolled edge contains cooking oils from dripping, and also creates a handy fingerhold for pickup. We especially love it for use outside on the grill or an open fire.

Stay tuned for our dough recipe and more pizza cooking tips coming soon!


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